Monday, August 22, 2016

Cora Design uses video testimonials to promote their online business

Cora uses VocalReferences video testimonials to promote her creative and authentic clothing products.

Cora Design is the brainchild of artist Corinna Carrara.  Corinna who studied art and fashion has managed to meld her two passions with tribal art to offer a line of very unique clothing products for sale.  The tribal art is integrated into the clothing in creative ways and the results are clothing and other accessories which are colorful and full of meaning.

The Cora website describes Corrina's work as follows:

"CORA design is the art of tribal patchwork on clothing. A manifestation of the artist, Corinna Carrara. Colored shapes of fabric are cut and overlapped, seeking the harmony of each cloth. Each design is unique and completely crafted by hand. Handmade patterns, embroidery, painting, screen printing, hand-dyed fabrics, and more..."

The website offers for sale various products including hoodies, t-shirts, dresses and more.

Video testimonial example form Cora Design
As part of the website Corinna has added customer testimonials to the site to demonstrate the feedback she has received from her customers.  Included in her testimonials is a video testimonial from a very happy customer.  Viewing a video testimonial brings another dimension of authenticity to the displayed testimonials.  

Adding video testimonials to a website can be a onerous task.  VocalReferences has simplified the process with its suite of video testimonial capture, display and sharing tools.

If you would like to learn more and or try out VocalReferences, check out our website at

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