Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Get Testimonials and Not Fake It

Customer Testimonials continue to be an ideal way to enhance your brand, business or product offerings. As many marketing bloggers have already reported having testimonials on your website or landing page can have a real impact on sales and conversions.  Online marketing professionals are now determining when and where is the optimal time and place to present the visitor with a testimonial, to further increase their conversion rates.

Recently I came across an article which summarized how to collect and get testimonials.  The author made many good suggestions about collecting testimonials however the author made it clear that are those who find the task of collecting testimonials so difficult that they are willing to write them on their own or pay someone (for as low as $5) to write them.  Putting aside the moral dilemma with paying someone to write a testimonial, I would like to suggest that getting testimonials should not require you to hire someone or resort to a fake testimonial.  What is required is a change in mindset and the right tools.

Most of us who are in the business of selling something spend many hours thinking about what is the best way to market our product or services to encourage people to buy.  Presentation, message, pricing, promotion & location are some of the factors we manipulate to build sales and conversions.  If I were to tell you that having someone say something nice about you or your product would increase your sales by 20% or more would you not spend the time or effort to capture that nice comment from your customer.  Is this not enough of an incentive to make collecting real testimonials a priority?

It's well known that word of mouth is one of the best ways to build a business.  What is word of mouth?  It is simply someone saying something nice about your business. Word of mouth is happening all the time. Capturing the word of mouth of your customer and then placing it on your website or Facebook page is all you need to do to ensure that everyone who visits your site is exposed to that positive and sometimes emotional praise. I believe that this is a strategic necessity for any business and it should be part of your ongoing marketing efforts.

How do I capture and not fake it? There are a number of options for getting testimonials from your customer to your website like emails, web forms and review sites.  We at VocalReferences have put together a unique tool set which simplifies collecting and displaying testimonials.  I encourage you to check out our website where you will learn more about how many businesses are taking advantage of our tool set to capture & display real testimonials on a daily basis - without faking it.

Co-Founder VocalReferences